Common Pulse helps individuals and groups cultivate well-being through our shared, innate rhythmic connections.

Dave Chiller, Common Pulse founder, facilitates dynamic, interactive rhythm and musical experiences using simple instruments and our own primary instrument – the body.

Regardless of our history, health status, or age, our shared, innate rhythmic wisdom is a powerful gateway to connection, joy, creativity, openness, and flow in our complex lives.

We can tap directly into that rhythmic wisdom, without any prior musical  experience, to foster well-being inside and out.

Contact Dave to discuss how Common Pulse can serve you.

Offerings from Dave and Common Pulse include 

Interactive Rhythm & Drum Circles

Tailored to your group goals and themes


Multilayered Rhythm Explorations Using the body as the instrument


Infusing spaces with rich sounds and groove

Teaching & Individual Sessions

Hand drumming, body-based rhythm foundations, soundscape relaxation sessions