Music Shops

THE store in the NW (and beyond) for percussion, drum-making supplies, CD’s, workshops and information from a knowledgeable staff. Located in Portland.

My favorite Corvallis store for great deals on used gear! 

Corvallis shop specializing in strings and other goods.

Rhythm Organizations

The Ta Ke Ti Na process, developed by Austrian composer and percussionist Reinhard Flatischler, integrates music, dance, communication, neurological research, and chaos theory to create a new process for learning. 

Information about this evidence-based protocol and recreational music-making for wellness  

Dave Storrs, is a one of a kind percussion teacher that goes to the core, and offers wisdom gained through 40+ years as a professional player and teacher. 

Jacob Stein leads Community Rhythm Works, his version of TaKeTiNa, in Portland and beyond with his great passion for bringing people together in Rhythm and Music.