Interactive Rhythm & Drum Circles

Programs tailored to your group’s needs, themes, timing, and goals. 

Dave will work with you to create a program for optimum flow and outcome. Please contact him to discuss how we can best serve you and your group.

Team and Community Building

Work Groups, Retreats, Trainings, Conferences, Company Picnics, etc

Rhythm-based programs offer unique opportunities for co-workers, groups, and teams to play and relieve stress, build teamwork skills, and stimulate creativity.

Uniting in rhythm and music is a direct and meaningful opportunity to practice and work with team and community building skills.

We lead activities to unite groups using a variety of easy to use percussion instruments, small break out groups to explore creativity, sharing of rhythmic creations with the larger group and periods of reflection to share learning’s and insights.

These experiences offer numerous impacts:
• Break down barriers and Open communication channels
• Create trusting relationships
• Stimulate creativity
• Inspire deeper listening and respect for diversity
• Share in success
• Celebrate the group’s potential

Shorter Programs: Ice Breakers, Openings and Closings
We can provide fun and energizing shorter programs during your conference, or meeting to create focus and renewed energy. We guide participants in simple rhythm activities using easy to use percussion instruments that stimulate joy, connection, enthusiasm and emphasis on your theme. Great fun at company picnics too.

Working with Dave put this new department on the fast track to developing that vital sense of mutual trust and the understanding that working together could and would work quite well!

- Jana Kay Slater, PhD, Research Center Director

You were so easy to work with despite our distance and me being out of town, etc. You provided exactly the ending we wanted. You rock!

- Kathy Carnes, Portland YWCA Training Coordinator

Health and Wellness

Everyday there’s some new evidence pointing to the health benefits of incorporating rhythm and music in our lives.

Common Pulse Health and Wellness programs are guided by evidence-based protocols such as REMO’s Health Rhythms, TaKeTiNa, years of experience and feedback, and a passion for creating joy and well being for participants.

The main focus is on empowering individuals through the joy of sharing in musical play, nurturing social support, and creative musical expression.

Benefits include stress reduction, intellectual stimulation, and renewed joy in life.
We provide instruments that are comfortable and easy to play and Dave often combines singing with the ukulele, a favorite of many groups.

Through Dave’s work I have seen positive results such as decreased depression, anxiety, and stress in our clients.

- Rene` Knight, Operations Manager Grace Center for Adult Day Services

Youth and Education


Because most youth love playing drums and percussion, rhythm programs are a great opportunity for them to engage in a communal activity, which nurtures respect, cooperation, creativity, listening skills and focus.

Through rhythm games, improvised play and learning cultural rhythms, youth get an opportunity for movement and creative expression to help them find and honor their voice in this world.

Dave can provide appropriate programs for all ages.
Dave also uses REMO’s evidence-based Health Rhythms Adolescent Protocol as an additional tool for fostering the development of self control, self-esteem, respect, empathy and tolerance for others.

As an early part of our “Coming of Age” rites of passage program, your program was the perfect way for the youth to break down cliques and barriers, and develop their sense of community and teamwork.

Michael Molk, Director of Religious Exploration for Youth


Dave loves working with Musical Groups at Schools, Universities, Retreats and Camps to provide a unique opportunity to strengthen rhythmical connections both individually and as a group through improvised play using percussion, exploring cultural rhythms such as Brazilian Samba, and helping musicians to really feel rhythm by working and playing with basic elements using voice, hands and feet.

With our Symphonic band Common Pulse provided a safe environment to create a genuine group musical experience for the entire band to share in. Our rhythm locked up in the rehearsal later that day like I’ve never heard before. Rhythmically, it was like listening to a different band.

-Ed Propst, music educator

Rhythm Meditations for Body, Mind and Spirit

Rhythm, as both modern science and ancient wisdom agree, lies at the core of everything we encounter in life. Therefore, it can serve as a powerful guide for deeper focus and connection in our complex and often busy lives.

Common Pulse facilitator Dave Chiller leads groups and individuals in dynamic and deep movement rhythm mediation programs using the TaKeTiNa process and other body-centered practices. The goals of these sessions include:

• Enhanced awareness and presence for finding a balanced and healthy life
• Greater acceptance and flexibility with life’s flow
• Increased ability to be simultaneously focused and relaxed in a complex world

Please see the TaKeTiNa page for more information on this process.