TaKeTiNa, (pronounced Tah Keh Tee Nah) is a unique, multi-layered exploration of rhythm using the body which promotes connection, presence, and relaxed openness to the complex nature of our lives. 

All experience levels are welcomed and there is no technique to learn as we play with basic rhythm elements using the voice, steps and claps.  Using the body as the instrument allows the rhythm connection to be direct and deep.

In each rhythm journey, we are slowly guided into a specific and increasingly complex multi-layered rhythmic form. We are encouraged to connect with the layers of rhythm at our own pace, and explore moving freely in and out of the rhythmic form. By welcoming flexibility and humor in our journey, we set-up a unique opportunity for efficient non-linear learning, and discovery of what may help and/or hinder our ability to be relaxed and present in the exploration. 

Connecting to the complex rhythmic form is not something we can “make happen” or will ourselves to do. We must get out of our own way and allow ourselves to meet and fall into the rhythms in our own way and timing. This falling into rhythm is encouraged by the facilitator through challenging and supportive rhythms. As the collective begins to welcome this process, we deepen our awareness of inner obstacles hindering flow and presence, and the opportunity of moving beyond these obstacles. As the rhythmic stability and relaxation deepen, we can open to the stillness within movement and the nourishing support of the collective groove.

Applications in Daily Life:

  • finding peace and flow with your own pace in life
  • increased access to inner space, stillness and grounding
  • allowing making “mistakes” to be a learning opportunity
  • deeper connections to rhythmic foundations in music
  • greater intuition and creativity

TaKeTiNa was developed by Austrian musician, composer, percussionist and master facilitator Reinhard Flatischler. As a certified advanced TaKeTiNa Teacher, Dave Chiller has completed two intensive trainings with Reinhard Flatishler and Cornelia Jecklin.

Weekend workshop information

Past Workshop reflections:

Calming and Balancing

Before going to Dave's workshop, I had been stressed out for most of the week about work, finances, and personal relationships. After the workshop, friends commented that I looked 'calm', 'balanced', and 'more centered than I've seen you in a long time.

- Stephen

Meditative Experience

I wanted to thank you for the TaKeTiNa. I had not experienced something like that before. The timing was perfect for me as I have been especially anxious of late. I slept really well that night and honestly believe it was tied to the meditative experience of TaKeTiNa

- Sandy, Therapist

Lighthearted and Fun

Dave is skilled at helping participants experience an interweaving of rhythm through body movement and the voice in a most amazing way.  I especially appreciate how Dave encourages each of us to be lighthearted and have fun with the whole TaKeTiNa process.

-Russ, LMT, Body-Centered therapist


I felt so relaxed and continued to feel relaxed for a long time after spending that time putting my focus in the space you created. I find that even now I can access that meditative sensation by remembering the time at the workshop and use it to turn away from stress.

-Vicki, Educator