TaKeTiNa Workshops

Dave Chiller and colleagues have been offering annual weekend workshops to dive deep into the offerings of TaKeTiNa
Reflections from past weekend participants:

I came away with a deeper grounding to self. It’s like the unessential fell away and I was able to move toward “coming home to me”. This past week I reflected back and could feel the warmth of the self, other and group as a whole. I extend a heartfelt thank you to you, the group and TaKeTiNa

“What I notice from the weekend, and since then, is a deeper sense of self acceptance, of my part in the rhythmic dance. This brings peace, and gratitude. I am especially grateful for old friends and new, and deeper connections to both”

“After a TaKeTiNa weekend filled with joy and tears, I had a week of nearly pure joy and light heart. I found a new level of awareness and find I can now choose to investigate my fear response and relax.”

"I'm amazed at how grounded and centered I've been since returning from this 3-day workshop. I now 'notice' events that would have knocked me off my center and now I don't mind being off my center. I notice it and get right back into the rhythm of what I WANT to get back into. I feel a sense of freedom and joy that I've never experienced before. Thank you both for this experience. I look forward to the next one."